You Can Change Your City Here

Today youth make up roughly 25 percent of the global and US populations - that's nearly 1.8 billion people globally and 80 million in the United States. In the US, half of youth are minorities, and 25 percent of that group are immigrant youth. Fewer than 12 percent of today's urban planners are of minority backgrounds. It is time those ratios changed. 

For most youth, having a voice in a major decision that changes their community is not an option. But what if youth became key players in the planning of our cities? What if we not only listened to them, but helped them see their ideas take shape? This is what Youth in Planning does. Youth get a voice in the process, and they work with the people who make that process move forward. Youth in Planing creates a space for youth to learn how their communities grow. Whether they become planners later in life, their voice tomorrow begins with what they do today. 

Because youth live in our cities. They will tomorrow, too. And our cities don't work without them.

Summer 2014 Program Flyer

What makes Youth in Planning work:

  • Students work on planning projects that are taking place within their communities
  • Professional planners become part of the student planning teams, and faciliate the projects
  • The transfer of knowledge is hands on, and highly applicable to real work settings
  • Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and concepts
  • Student learn real job skills, and produce quality work that can be used for college applications, portfolios, andresumes
  • Students learn how to apply leadership skills by becoming active in their communities

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